Ordering Quartz Crystal Units

Following form is used to specify needed Crystal Unit and send the inquiry using e-mail.

Type specification is acquired by selecting values in form. At the end overall product specification is written. Values in each field are selected both from list which opens with click on arrow on right side of field (frequency range, package) and by writing desired value (frequency et.).

Select Request For Quote or Purchase Order:

Frequency Range [MHz] / Overtone / Package Type:

Here you can oversee package outline of types H , L , M . Dimensions, methods of packaging (RW - Resistant Weld, CW - Cold Weld) or other exeptions of some packages are shown in Tables.

Fill in accurate nominal frequency of CU. If there are more frequencies of same CU type, fill in frequencies of all CUs in kHz and behind slash number of pieces.



Select type of resonancy of CU (Series or Load Capacitance) for your oscillator. For resonancy with Load Capacitance you have to fill in its value CL, optionaly its tolerance. If you do not know it, please Contact our R/D Department.

CL: pF %

Temperature Response CU frequency is determined by Plate Cut Orientation of used Blank in Quartz Monocrystal. For High Frequency CUs are at present produced CUs with AT-Cut in frequency range 1 - 200 MHz in broad range of temperatures (form -60°C to +120°C) and CUs with SC-Cut in Frequency Range from 6.4 MHz to 50 MHz with Turn Over Point from 60°C to 110°C, which are intended for Ovenized Oscillators, noted for very quick start of highly stable frequency. Price of CU with SC-Cut is about double the price compared to AT-Cut.

Select Cut:

Ageing ppm/year: Appropriate different value fill in with Other Parameters at the end.

Frequency Change in range of temperature has Cubic Parabolic characteristic. For AT-Cut is symmetrical to  25°C, for SC to 90°C. Graphic description of this characteristic fo r AT-Cut is in the picture.
To specify CU there is possibility to select wanted temperature range or Turover Point or from picture number of parabola and tolerance (numbers of outer parabolas). If you do not need to specify temperature parameters, select "NO". If you need values that are not within options, select "OTHER" and requirement specify in other parameters at end of form.
Price of CU depends on temperature Rang and required accuracy.
Temperature-frequency dependency
Detailed display
Temperature Range [°C], df/f [ppm] : Turnover Point Temperature:
Adjustment accuracy at 25°C ±[ppm]: Adjustment accuracy at Turnover Point [ppm]:
Equivalent Network of CU
is characterizied by:

Specification of required CU can be completed by these values, respectively their tolerances. It is possible to replace tolerances by "max" or "min".

R1 [ohm] ± %
C1 [fF]     ± %
L1 [mH]  ± %
C0 [pF]    ± %

Side Vibration Mode:

For CU intended for some types of oscillators (such as VCXO) or Crystal Filters are defined frequency regions over main resonance where side vibrations must have amplitude swing between PR and SR lower or ratio of equivalent resistance Rv/R1 higher then required limit. CU specification can be completed by adding:

Region over main resonance Side Resonance Ampl. Ratio
from [kHz] to [kHz] [dB] Rv/R1

Other Parameters

CU can be characterizided even by other parameters such as perturbations, hysteresis, short time stability and others. These parameters can be added here same as parameters that were not possible fill in form or arbitrary remarks.
Price will be rated on basis of inquiry respectively order in accordance with required parameters and quantity of CUs. It is possible to add various CU quantities in this note for various price ratings.

Now that you have entered all required parameters, click on "OK". From your order a report is created, which shows in a field "Message". At this time you can add arbitrary data or notes. After clicking on " Submit " this message is sent to a our sales department.