The company KRYSTALY, Hradec Kralove, a.s. is the Czech private company producing quartz Crystal Units, quartz Crystal Filters, Wafers for SAW Devices and quartz Crystal Oscillators. Company links to the 50 years tradition of manufacturing Crystal Units in Hradec Kralove. It is specialized in manufacturing of quartz Crystal Components for professional use, but also in large scale production of standard quartz Crystal Components.

KRYSTALY, Hradec Kralove, a.s. has obtained on April 1999 CSN EN ISO 9001 Certificate and on October 2003 CSN EN ISO 9001:2001 Certificate



The beginning of Piezoelectric Resonator manufacturing in Hradec Kralove could be found in 1952, when R&D results of universities and R&D centers in Prague were transferred to Hradec Kralove and based in a manufacturing plant.



Address of company

KRYSTALY , Hradec Kralove, a.s.

Okruzni 1144

500 03 Hradec Kralove 3

Czech Republic


phone : +420 495 408 409 Management
  +420 495 487 380 Development department
  +420 495 406 687 Domestic sales department
telefax :   +420 495 541 258
E-mail :